Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Amended NICU packing list

So here is my amended packing list I've redone on the fly based on all the new plans and info I've obtained. If I come up with anything new I'll just amend this post.

Buy in Anand at Big Bazaar:
·         dish soap
·         washcloths
·         Pot for hot plate
·         Baby carriers (cheap ones to avoid  bringing our car seats and stroller)
·         Shampoo/conditioner
·         Hot plate
·         48 60 ml bottles, nipples
·         48 nipples, including some silicone ones since the rubber ones start to fail after a while
·         Nipple shields with mini-scissors  to trim them. This helps with nipple confusion if you will still attempt to breastfeed.
·         Lact-aid supplemental nursing system
·         Bandaids/first aid tape to hold down Lact-Aid tubes
·         Baby bullet steamer for sterilization
·         Burp cloths
·         Domperidone
·         Supplements for breastfeeding: Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek, Fennel seed, Alfalfa (I couldn't find Anise or Goat's Rue or some of the others, but these four are the most common. I just bought plain fenugreek and fennel seeds at the spice counter because it is three times cheaper and just involves some swallowing and chewing.)
·         Breast pump & attachments (I rented the top of the line Medela Symphony hospital grade pump)
·         Pacifiers (an assortment, but mostly the soothie type)
·         Inflateable My Breast Friend twin pillow
·         Beaba battery powered formula mixer (mixes in bottle to avoid shaking and creating bubbles/gas)
·         Washable nipple pads for leakage (silicone ones were better but expensive)
·         Medela quick clean wipes
·         Pacifier wipes
·         Formula container (tupperware container that has at least 4 compartments and pop open top that rotates)
·         Breastmilk storage bags

·      10 diapers per day per baby average (I bought 33 packs of Huggies and Pampers preemie to start with and will have family bring me more if needed) I also brought 1-2 wipes per diaper.
·         cloth diaper
·         portable changing pad
·         Travel baby lotion/shampoo/oil
·         Desitin & other samples of baby toiletries I got from the pediatrician's office
·         Diaper toss bags
·         Waterproof pads

·         Puj baby bathtub that folds out flat
·         Mosquito net crib featured in an earlier post. The mattress from the pack and play is now out of the question because it takes up too much space.
·         Dreft detergent-powder
·         clothesline
·         USB drive to port documents
·         Mult copies of all listed docs on VISA Process
·         Camera with SIM cards and USB and extra batteries
·        2 Moby wraps
·         Baby brush and nail clippers
·         Nasal aspirators
·         Thermometer
·         Medicine dropper syringes
·         Layettes (This means the pile of preemie clothes)
·         Mittens
·         Hats
·         Receiving blankets
·        Muslin swaddle blankets

·         Sarees/cholis (I'm bringing thin silk ones for space and can buy some there if needed)
·         underwear
·         Rubberbands to hold my hair back
·         Makeup
·         Computer
·         Cell ph & chargers
·         Credit cards/ID/passport
·         Deodorant
·         Small shampoo/conditioner
·         Toothbrush/paste
·         Razor
·         Most essential Baby reference books/info sheets
·         Sleep meds to help me get on India time and sleep on the plane when I'm a bundle of nerves
·         Pepto & diahhrea meds
·         Sunglasses
·         Converters for plugs
·         Inflatable neck pillow
·         Malaria meds (but I'll stop when I am producing breastmilk for babies)
·         Earplugs
·         DVD player and P90X so I can work out my stress in my room (if I can fit it in the suitcase)
·        CASH (less than $10,000 or you have to declare it with customs)

Documents needed:
·         Proof of the parents' identity and citizenship, such as U.S. or other passports.
• Child's original birth certificate issued by the local authorities (including English translation, if applicable). The birth certificate must include the name of the child.
• Two (2) photo studio quality photographs of the child, 2" x 2" in size and taken against a light background. The child must be facing forward with his/her ears showing and eyes open
• Prenatal and hospital records (e.g., ultrasounds, prescriptions, evidence of pre-natal doctor visits, hospital discharge documents, vaccination card, etc.)  Can be provided by Dr. Patel/Dr. Hitesh, but print of all documentation you got over email and in case some of the document is not provided during baby pick-up
• The parents' marriage certificate, or other proof of their relationship prior to the child’s conception. (This is not required if the mother of the child is a U.S. citizen.).
·         Former passports
·        Proof of residency docs

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