Dear Mrs. Grover:

Good morning!  Thank you for your e-mail.  I am sending you some information regarding surrogacy in India; this is our standard introductory informational email.    But in short, yes, you can have your DNA appointment and your CRBA appointment on the same day.   However, DNA collection does have to be coordinated with several other sections as well as a hospital, so as long as we have enough advance notice, we should be fine.   I take it from your email you are planning to arrive at the Embassy on 27 September for your CRBA appointment – please let me know if this is not the case.   Read through all of the below information and let me know if you have any more specific questions.

The first and most important thing to be aware of right now is the citizenship transmission requirements.  In order to transmit U.S. citizenship to your baby at birth, the genetically related parent must be a U.S. citizen at the time of the baby’s birth.  If it is the father, must have lived in the U.S. for at least five years prior to the birth of the baby.  If the genetic parent is the mother, only one year is required.  If both parents are genetically related, the physical presence requirement doesn’t apply. 
When you come to the Embassy to complete the passport and Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) paperwork, you will need to show evidence of that physical presence, if applicable.  This can be done through current and old passports, tax records, college transcripts or other educational documents, Social Security statements, etc.  When filling out the applications for the passport, CRBA and Social Security card, please provide only the information of the genetically related parent and leave the other places blank.  Please note that only the genetic parent’s name will appear on the CRBA.
In general, you should allow yourself approximately three weeks from the time the baby is discharged from the hospital to complete all of the paperwork required by the Embassy and the Indian government.  There are several factors that influence how long the process can take, including the availability of appointments, waiting for DNA results to come back as well as the time it takes to obtain an Indian exit visa. 
Surrogacy in India is an unregulated commercial business, so DNA testing is expected in all cases.   You are encouraged to pre-order DNA testing kits about a month prior to the baby’s due date.  We will hold the kits for you here until you come in for the sample collection.  Please remember to order one kit for each person to be tested.  The genetic parent(s) may choose to do their DNA testing in the United States prior to traveling to India.  In this case, please check with the lab regarding the process for doing this as well as how long they keep the DNA results. 
Instructions for ordering the DNA kits, and a link to the list of accredited labs, are below.  If possible, we will try to schedule your passport and CRBA appointment on the same day as the DNA collection to save you a trip to the Embassy.   
Please let us know once the baby is born and you have the birth certificate in hand so we can start scheduling the DNA appointment. We’re happy to help you be as prepared as possible, so please let us know you if have any questions along the way.
I am attaching some important links taken from our website.  The first gives more instructions on applying for the CRBA, passport and social security card and provides forms.  You can also make your online appointments directly from this site: ( )/ .  In addition, please read through all of the information regarding DNA by following this link: .  Finally, here is a link to the DNA testing lab sites:
You can contact the different labs and pick the one that seems to best suit your needs.  Be sure to let them know if you will want expedited services and confirm with them what that means.  Some labs consider a week or two to be expedited while others will do it in a few days.  You can also ask them to email us the results, but you generally must specify that.  Sometimes they ask for a case number, in which case just give them your name to use as the case identifier (there is no number).  Remember to order one kit for each person to be tested (i.e. one for the genetically related parent and one for the baby).  Please have the DNA kits mailed to the following address:
     American Citizen Services   
     Consular Section     
     U.S. Embassy    
     Shantipath, Chanakyapuri   
     New Delhi, 110021, India

The entire process from the time the baby is discharged from the hospital till you get the visas in the passport to leave generally takes at least three weeks, and if you have DNA done you should add about a week.  If the baby is premature and there are health concerns, we can issue emergency passports which will cut off a few days, but, unfortunately, we have no control over the Indian visa processing time.
Again, please do keep in touch with us, and feel free to contact me with any additional questions.
All the best,

Sara Emmert
Consular Associate
US Embassy New Delhi
American Citizen Services

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

To: NDBox Surrogacy; NDBox Services Inquiries American
Subject: DNA test being shipped in advance

My name is Emily Grover and we are shipping a DNA test kit from an approved and accredited US DNA lab listed on your website to your office. It should arrive by September 27th before our 10:30am appointment for our report of birth abroad for our twins born by surrogacy. My husband Vineet Grover and I will be present along with both babies, and he is the sole genetic donor as we used a donor egg from Akanksha IVF Clinic in Anand. Can we possibly set a DNA collection appointment the same day?  We were told because of egg donation a DNA test would be required, and we are buying and shipping the kit in advance so that we may expedite the process and reduce costs. Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Emily Grover