Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 31: Dadima is here!

It was a happy day indeed. We were both tired, me because I was so excited I barely slept. After a shower and breakfast I walked Dadima over to meet her grandchildren.
At 3 1/2 pounds they are both so much bigger when I first saw them, but I wasn't surprised that her reaction was the same as mine. "They're so tiny!!!"  But they are healthier than most babies in NICU and just need to keep growing and bottle feed a bit better before they can come home.

Dadima holds Tara for the very first time

Dadima holds Vivek for the first time

We had a lovely lunch at the Laksh hotel with Petra and her mother and made a trip to Seven Eleven, then back to the hotel for a nap for me and a very short nap for Mom who is trying to adjust her body to India time. We got hit with a lot of rain, so I need to remember to always bring my umbrella even when it is slightly overcast. She made it through one more evening visit and then crashed out at 8:30. I was so tired I crashed soon after and am playing blog catchup.

Dadima holds Tara the first time

Dadima and Tara

Tara and Dadima's hand

Dadima holding Vivek

Vivek and Dadima's hand

A very, very happy day. So glad to have company finally. Mom can watch Indian movies and tell me what's happening. (If Dad was here he would watch English movies yet still tell me what's happening) All the new supplies Mom brought are stacked up, and with luck we should have all the diapers and wipes we could want until we leave. We are ready to bring home some babies, and I'm getting more impatient everyday waiting...but they will tell us when they are ready.

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