Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 38: 4 Days and Counting!

Busy day. I felt much better and got an early start after having breakfast with one of the two Irish couples here for attempts at surrogacy. We went on a shopping trip so I could get some gifts for the wonderful women that threw my baby shower. We also stopped by Dr. Hitesh's and made sure a nanny was being secured for the 18th, but would also show up the day before at 11am at the NICU for bottle feeding practice, etc. We had a nice lunch at La Casa Inn at their restaurant La Casita, and it was very yummy and worth a 2nd visit.

Smiley girl

Tara milk coma

In other news Manju showed up again to say hello to the babies briefly and Mom met her. I think she must have some other business here and this is only a brief stop for her, because she seems to come often. 

The flights for us to Delhi are now booked on the 24th. Woo hoo! 

Vivek's eyes are less swollen today and it is barely noticable, and he is only slightly fussy.
Vivek looking less swollen

Vivek in a liesurely repose

Now all that is left is waiting. It still sucks. In fact, it sucks even more. I know I'm having abnormal amounts of pent up frustration and emotion, which are normal for this type of situation at this late stage. But it still surprises me when an insane amount of anger brews at a micromanaging nurse who stops me mid-diaper change and takes over. It is all I can do not to shove her aside and yell "THIS IS MY SON! MINE!!! NOT YOURS!!! I can change a diaper just as well as you thank you very much! And don't point at me because the clean one is soiled now because that was your fault, which I did not need your expertise to point out!And CLOSE the top to the wipes container so you don't dry out and waste them every time you change them! NOW BACK OFF!!"  Ahhh...I feel so much better now.

I'm feeling very territorial I guess because I'm sick and tired of everyone else having control over the care of my children, and being largely unable to communicate with them about it. I want them home with me where I can give them so much more love and attention. I've gotten so good at everything the nurses do they don't assist me with anything that they used to, even monitor resets and clearning malfunctions. Except this diaper change for some reason, which made me want to fly off the handle. Instead I just gave her a dirty look and fumed silently for an hour. Mom talked me down off the ledge when we returned to the hotel and told me to keep it together for four more days.

Vivek says "Live long and prosper and CHILL OUT Mommy"

Today we have an onslaught of new pictures. For the first time we put the babies together in the same isolette! Reunited and it feels so good! Together again after a month and a half!  They looked adorable and were largely oblivious about it. Either that or Vivek tried to punch her in the eye on purpose. Mom is going to try to work on holding the camera steady so all pictures of me aren't blurry.

And for the grand conclusion, tonight's weigh in! Vivek was right at 4lbs but lost a few grams today (this happens every few days but they usually have a big jump the next day). Miss Tara is catching up, but you never know if she'll surpass him. By the time they come to the hotel they'll be 4lbs, around 4 1/2 when we leave for Delhi. They'll easily be 5 1/2 to 6 lbs when we leave for the US.

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