Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 44: Strike a pose

True to my word to take more photos, today's post is almost nothing but pics. It was lots of fun laying them on the bed for a bit and taking pics, which prepped them for their photo sessing with the guy from Karan video/photography downstairs who came today. For 300 rupees he took their pic and mine in passport size, with 8 copies of each. BTW,you'll need 6 pohtos but they print them out in sheets of 8. It sounded like I need 2 for DNA test as well as 2 for the embassy/passport appts, and 2 for the FFRO. They may all be the same 2 that are needed or maybe 4, but it is good to have extras just in case.  I bathed both of them beforehand to help wake them up and keep their eyes open. It was my first time bathing Tara. Without a nurse micromanaging me I was able to be a little more gentle while still being careful they didn't get too cold, so they barely cried when I did it. SO much fun!

Now I just need some photocopies of the passports and birth certificates done tomorrow and my to do list for here is essentially over. I brought everything, but didn't know they wanted photocopies of those two docs as well.

The news in short is that I finally caved and took something to make me sleep, and I got 6 hrs rest last night because I could tell otherwise I was still going to be too wired to sleep. Liesurely day. I ran and filled the prescription for 3 "just in case you need them" meds from Dr. Kothiala (eye drops, nose drops, and antifungal if their mouths turn white with candidae fungus), whom we will see tomorrow between 12-1. The guy didn't show to pick up the luggage and will come tomorrow between 12-1. Ugh. So I can carry both of them to the pediatrician/nenonatologist myself and Mom can join us after I guess. 

So without further mundane detail, here is our first photo session.

And after the bath and passport photo session we had a change of wardrobe.


  1. Hi Emily,

    I enjoy reading your blog as always.

    I have a quick question. Was there any specific benefit of going to the U.S. embassy in New Delhi vs. Mumbai?

    I ask because I was instructed by the American Citizen Services of New Delhi to use the U.S. Embassy in Mumbai instead.

    Here is a response I received from them:

    "Since you are using a clinic in Gujarat and the baby will likely be born in that area, you would go to the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai..."

    So, I am a bit confuse... Looking forward to your response. Thanks a lot. :)

  2. Only that it is cheaper to stay with family there. We risk them forcing us to do FFRO in city of birth but hopefully not.

  3. I.C. That makes sense. Hope everything works out well and you guys could fly home soon...