Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 39: 3 days and counting

Good day, though I was a little lazy and took a nap. Might as well sleep now right? The good news is that bottle feeding is getting easier, and Mom finally is able to consistently get down full bottles. I have also noticed Tara is definitely better at it, and I've also figured out her breathing pattern and how to watch it and ignore the monitors. I'm able to feed her now with no de-sats and no monitor watching, which was my goal to achieve before bringing her home.

I'm also proud of my developing Mommy skills. I had a suspicion today that Tara was still hungry after her bottle, and she typically has 3-5 mL left at the end of one. But today I saw cues that made me wonder after she polished off the entire thing. I mentioned it to Suvarna and she said she would put 35mL in each bottle instead of 30 from now on. Turns out next feed they took all 35 and when Mom and I fed them later it was 32 and 33. Score one for Mommy! I think I just may get the hang of this after all.

In other excellent news the Snuzas arrived today! They asked us to bring them in tomorrow to test them out for the day, so they are laid out and ready to go.

Vivek is back to his usual self and opening his eyes normally again. I have video proof.

He still cries, but the nurses tell me he has no qualms about crying when he is hungry so this is normal. Master Vivek will let you know if his royal highness is displeased, but Princess Tara will suffer in silence.

Tara says hats are overrated

Vivek after a crying fit of unknown origin


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