Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 40: 2 days and counting

The excitement is building! Mom had a long morning with the babies while I took care of some things at the hotel and video chatted with my husband. He says he feels 80% recovered, so by his flight on the 24th he should be feeling 100% at this rate.  I'm excited to get flight details confirmed for him, and my father-in-law secured them through his travel agent friend and got us an amazing price!! He'll be in India in Delhi at 12:35am on the 26th. It will be early in the morning, but something tells me I'll be the one pulling night shift with the babies anyway.

We have initially heard that our nanny's name is Priyanka, but then heard that Petra got her and we are getting Ganga instead. Either way she should indeed speak Hindi as requested so at least Mom can communicate with her. If all goes well she will show up tomorrow at 11:00 for bottle feeding practice and discharge instructions. She will work an 8pm-8am shift every night for us starting on discharge day so Mom and I have at least some chance at sleeping.

The Snuzas were clipped onto their diapers and worked perfectly, though I had to go home and google how to shut them off during diaper changes. I have so much more peace of mind with them attached. They met with Dr. Kothiala's approval so I removed them for the time being to save battery power. She asked for the 2nd manual copy we had for her to keep so that she can recommend it to other patients, and took notes on where to purchase and the cost. Glad to know our decision to use them may help other families with higher risk preemies.

Mom and I went to aarti (prayer service) tonight at the temple, and prayed that all goes well with discharge and at home, and that Vinnie travels safely and we are able to go home promptly.  It was a nice temple, but as usual it is not allowed to take pics.  Speaking of pics, I didn't take any of the babies today. I'm a bad Mommy today.  They are growing so fast. He is 1900 grams today and she is 1760, or 4lbs 3oz and 3lbs 14oz. Now when I do kangaroo care their little legs pass my waist. By comparison with most babies they are still tiny, but to me they are huge now!

Signing off...Mom is catching up with all her friends and family tonight and is on the phone with the 7th of her friends. I hear the babies names occasionally and a few English words. Hope she rests up because tomorrow we pack to move rooms, and make our last shopping forays.

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