Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 51: Getting aquainted

Today Daddy got to know the babies a bit better, and worked on his skills. He did his very first diaper change. I think it lasted about 20 minutes. He also did his 2nd bottle feed with Vivek, who due to an error by Dadima was dressed in girl clothes. I realized as soon as I walked in and called him Princess that something was horribly wrong. At least it didn't break my vow for him to never wear pink again.

Daddy very focused and serious conducting his first diaper change

Daddy doing his second bottle feed

As I expected I had a mini-meltdown today over the fact that Vinnie forgot to bring our old passports as proof of residency for the embassy appointment tomorrow and that he accidentally purchased the wrong formula due to miscommunication and due to damage in shipping we lost 1 can of preemie formula and will run out early. I started stressing out over our embassy appointment tomorrow and all the paperwork we had to do, and all the instructions I had to re-read to make sure nothing was missed. I think most of it was severe sleep deprivation combined with the fact that for 50 days I had to be the strong one, and now that Vinnie is here I can finally break down and little and let him take the lead. I decided to give myself a double shot of baby therapy to ease my anxiety and exhaustion, and it worked like a charm. Vinnie was very impressed with my ability to walk around with a baby slung over each shoulder. We later each took a baby and went for a nice evening walk in the park across the street, and Tara slept through it while Vivek seemed to enjoy the bird noises and fresh air and new sights and smells.


But the best moment of the day  (er...night) was around 5:30 am when Vivek would not stop crying. To help Vinnie catch up on sleep I'd done most of the feedings by myself and also stayed up late going over embassy papers. During the 3am feeding the previous day I had woken him up and he startled and said "What?" when I stood in front of him with a screaming baby boy.  I just glared at him and handed over his son. I think it took him a second to remember he is now a Daddy and this was our new life as we know it. Anyway, this time Vinnie got up around 5:30 after a good 7 hours sleep and took Vivek into the living room to help me get a little sleep. However, he still wouldn't stop crying. Finally I got up after about 10 minutes and went in there, and in my exhaustion I just took the baby right from Vinnie hoping I could work so magic so I could get back to bed. I was amazed! The second he was in my arms he stopped crying instantly. Vinnie was happy for me and I was overwhelmed to realize for the first time that they really do recognize me as their Mommy. I laid down on the couch on my back with Vivek on his stomach on my chest, and together we took the best nap I've ever had.

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