Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 26: Back in the saddle

I am twice as confident today bottle feeding as I was yesterday. Both Tara and Vivek desatted and bradied hard during bottle feeds today, but I handled it much better. I was decisive of when to give breaks and burps. I did learn a new trick...  Tara was sucking well and staying well oxygenated, which was odd because she isn't that good yet. It seemed like no milk was moving. Sure enough the tip was clogged. Now I know to watch for milk movement, bubbles coming up to show displacement, and milk eeking out the sides of the babies mouth to be sure it is flowing...otherwise you need to smoosh the tip between your fingers to clear it then tip it upside down to make sure droplets are coming out.

I have been captivated by the adorable crown my son has right at the front right of his forehead hairline. This will give him an adorable "Superman" curl for life and probably only give him one option for how he parts his hair.
I finally got to talk to my Mom tonight for two hours, right after I talked to my wonderful in-laws. I'm so excited about my mother-in-law coming I can hardly stand the wait! I enjoyed talking to both my Mom's tonight so much... I really needed it. I am very sad and disappointed though to learn that my mother cannot come to India anymore due to health concerns about how the trip could affect her by her doctor, as well as developments with my Stepdad's Alzheimer's. But she is going to help board our little dog Ralphie instead, make some of the finishing touches on getting my home ready, and arrange for the welcome wagon at the airport upon our return. I've been envisioning and planning for almost a year about what it would be like with my mother here, so trying to let go of that and re-envision how things will go is difficult. But I'm glad I had that to keep me going this whole time, because whether I show it or not it is really hard being here doing this by myself right now. With just my husband and my mother-in-law and myself it will be much more difficult to handle 2 babies on a 2 hr feeding schedule, so depending on how things go I may reconsider hiring a nanny for $10 a day.

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