Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 33: 10 extra miles

I am in shock. I can't believe this is our life. Babies are great, but my husband just had an emergency appendectomy for acute appendicitis. I was emotional all morning and felt nauseous, even though they tell me he is recovering well. Mom was good enough to be strong and wait until I finished crying before she started.

An email from my father and call from my father in law calmed me down significantly, and I know that Vinnie and our dog Ralphie are being very well cared for. He will go home tomorrow if tests reveal no leakage or damage from the appendix. If it leaked there may be a week or more stay and who knows what complications. I'm so worried about him, hospital bills, and how to get our babies home if the sole genetic donor is not well enough to travel to India. I emailed the embassy today and hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday they will answer. I have had a laparascopy and an open abdominal surgery and can be realistic about recovery time, and his recovery should not be impeded. 4 weeks easy before pain is gone, and at least two before you should lift anything. The rigors of travel and carrying luggage, not to mention baby care, is difficult. Let's hope the US embassy can help us!

Miss Tara had a huge reaction to hear that her Daddy was sick and in the hospital.

Vivek on the other hand slept through the big news because he was so exhausted from his first attempt at breastfeeding. 

Mommy and Tara happy that Daddy is going to be okay

Mom burping Vivek

Mom and her monkey Vivek

UPDATE: Mom and I went to a Krishna temple tonight to pray for Vinnie and the babies, which is very nice and just past the Subway. I know I felt much calmer after that. Then we spent some time at the NICU and came back to the hotel, then Vinnie called. I'm so relieved to talk to him and he sounds in good spirits and no pain. I can sleep now knowing he will be okay, and will probably recover at my Mom's house so he can be close to home and be with little Ralphie.  We talked to family in Delhi and came up with a solution to all the luggage, which costs a fortune to bring on the plane and is too much for us to handle with two babies. My husband's cousin Manu has a good friend in Ahmedabad who will come down to Anand and take the large luggage that we don't need immediately for the babies and will ship it by train to Delhi. That way we can fly with just carry on luggage with essentials. When we fly home to USA most of the diapers and the formula will be gone and that is an entire suitcase full, and I plan to leave all my sarees here to be distributed to whomever wants them since they are my plainest and least favorites. Another exciting development is that a house within walking distance that belongs to my mother-in-law's cousin is unoccupied, and we've been invited to stay there for the duration. It will give us a little privacy but also help limit visitors and especially school age children who can easily carry illness from being around the babies. They will send over their cook and some food for us, and we can hire a night nurse to help with the babies. I'm waiting on an email response from the embassy on whether we can avoid my husband traveling and instead get my mother-in-law cheek swabbed or him swabbed in the US. I would prefer he didn't travel here if he doesn't need to, because I worry about his recovery. Time will tell, and right now we have to wait on the babies for another week or two before we get moving.


  1. Wow! When it rains it pours, doesn't it? But you can't have a rainbow without the rain! You're in the middle of a thunderstorm...but your rainbow will come. Prayers and hugs to you and your babies

  2. Emily,

    My prayers are with you and your family, I hope your hubby gets well soon!