Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 53-55: Electric avenue

The last few days have been a blur. I pull the night shift and sleep through most of the day's activities. I could sleep at night between feedings but Master Vivek has other plans.  I seem to have come down with a little something so they covered for me so I could get extra rest today.

We have had some major problems with the electricity here, so we no longer feel safe or comfortable. The grounding blew out, and the expert opinion from the electrician who may have stolen our camera is "'s broken." I hope the camera turns up and I am wrong, but I can't find it anywhere so no pics to share. Other theories such as "you can't run the AC 24 hrs because it can't handle the load" are about to make me lose it. It seems in India when they don't know something they make something up. Either it can handle the load or it can't but it doesn't build, and we were running it very low because we didn't want the babies to get cold. The electricity was poorly wired in the first place and apparently has no fuse system in place to prevent such problems, and so the grounding has been destroyed if it was ever really properly installed. Mon Uncle will hopefully have a new place for us to stay tomorrow because we are living in a fire hazard. I keep my babies near both exits at all times. Now the refridgerator has a current running through the metal and will shock you when you touch it. I found this out 3 times. I can explain the first two, but the last was stupiditiy on my part because I was hot from no AC and wanted the ice cream and the freezer part looked like plastic but was painted metal. I call it the death machine, because Vinnie and I seem to be the only ones that grasp that it can kill you. Astonishingly enough, the opinion from the family is "just wear rubber shoes and make sure you aren't wet and it's fine."  I try to touch it as little as possible or not at all, and it is like a game of "Operation" where you try not to make contact with metal. If I want food it's not like I have a choice.

India is a very, very different place and I miss home. All I can do is wait. Vinnie's 43rd birthday was yesterday, and true to my word I got him nothing because I figured 2 babies was enough and I was too tired to put bows on them. Tomorrow hopefully the neonatologist will answer the phone and we can make an appointment, because we are overdue for a checkup. Doctors offices don't have answering systems here.

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