Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 56-57: Moving forward

So yesterday evening the babies saw their neonatologist in Delhi. The doctor that Dr Kothiala recommended turns out to be operating a clinic that is a 3 minute walk away! He looked them over thoroughly and declared them to be healthy and doing well, and said we don't even need to follow up every week and he saw no need to perform a hemoglobin tests at this juncture based on what he is seeing. Vivek is 2410 grams or 5lbs 5oz, and Tara is shy of 2.2 kg or at 4lbs 13 oz. I think she heard us discussing Vivek's weight gain and became upset, because that night she went on a growth spurt and polished off around 10-20 extra mL per feeding. Her Daddy woke me up scared because she had been awake and moving for two hours which he had never seen, and I realized they were hunger cues and she slurped down an extra bottle then slipped into a milk coma. It turns out they have both gained the exact same amount of weight since discharge, and now both being over the 2kg mark makes me relax some.

Anyway, their new doctor was very good and didn't even get upset when Vivek peed on his examining table. (He is just about to outgrow preemie diapers so they tend to leak since he points up and to the right where the absorbency leaves something to be desired) He and Vinnie put their heads together and did some complicated math on formula and our supplements to calculate exactly what they were getting per day in everything from kCal to iron to individual nutrients. He determined they were getting too much iron and calcium and a few other nutrients, and declared we can switch over to the Enfamil PolyVi-Sol supplement drops Vinnie had brought from the US instead of the 4 other bottles we were using. This will make life much easier and they can be mixed in with a bottle without affecting flavor just once per day in a  small quantity, though it does not have Folic acid so we'll still use that one supplement. I am hopeful that the reduction in iron will ease their constipation and have them feel much more comfortable. He also advised us to give them gentle massages and physical and visual stimulation, so hoping we can get home to our box of toys soon because I only have common household items to dangle in front of them.

The doctor asked my profession and thought it was in the medical field because I seemed to have a strong medical body of knowledge. Between my expired EMT and my medical dispatch background I must have missed my calling  I guess. He did give us the name of a retinal surgeon to follow up with in two weeks for Vivek's ROP surgery checkup, which saves me a huge stress of finding one. He also gave us the name of a pediatric cardiologist, because it has been recommended to checkup miss Tara. Her heart murmur is still small and not causing a problem, and the hole will heal up on it's own. But just for peace of mind for the long air trip home they want to make sure all is going as well as it seems to be.

Mom got her bone graft done today by the oral surgeon, so that 6 mos from now she can return and get dental implants put in. She seems to be recovering well and not in much pain, thank goodness. I seem to be on the mend after being sick for two days, and fortunately the babies have not contracted anything. I have been terrified the entire time but there is only so much I can do to limit contact. Vinnie just brought me some Zyrtec, tissues, and mango juice though so that alone has me feeling better.

But the best news is that we are moving tomorrow to a nicer place that isn't a giant fire hazard with a killer refrigerator! So excited, though I'm not looking forward to the packing and moving part. I'll try to get some photos of our new accommodations with my iphone, which is my only way of taking photos since the camera is still missing. I'll leave you with two of my iphone photos, including a late night shot of Vivek in my lap...which is his favorite spot to nap.

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