Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 71: Discharge and FRRO tomorrow

Princess Tara has been given the green light for discharge tomorrow. We've geen given instructions for how to prevent her microaspirations as I previously posted, along with a strict limit of 45mL per feed every 2 hours. She will possibly cry for more, but we have established now that contrary to what the doctors typically say for most babies do not feed until she seems full because she does not recognize how much is too much. She gained 350 grams in 2 1/2 days from her last discharge, so she eats more than she can handle and retains water and it puts strain on her kidneys. I can get on board with 45 mL, just not 30mL that causes weight loss and extremes of hunger. He did say if she seemed very hungry we can wait an hour between feeds and top her off if needed to avoid reflux issues.
So today has been a frenzy of getting the passport photos resized to the correct size (I hate you guy from Karan Studios in Anand!) as well as printing out applications for the Exit VISA. Tomorrow we will go to the FRRO, and after that is over I think my usual positive outlook will totally return. I guess I'm just too afraid to get my hopes up lest something go wrong. I'm not above begging should they put a roadblock in our path, because I'm told the FRRO is the toughest step with the most Indian bureaucracy to navigate.

My husband is now safe at home in America. It was tough to say goodbye but we hold out hope it won't be for long. We spend little time with family here to keep risk of infection at a minimum, so Minnie took us out to dinner for our first outing in Delhi and it was a nice change of pace to be outside and be with everyone. All the kids joined us, and we ate at Nirula's Potpourri. Vinnie had good memories from childhood because everyday Mon Uncle would bring him a pizza from there because he was a little brat and he would only eat that, corn, or Choco Nut ice cream the entire time he stayed in India. His tastes have widened slightly over the years, and let's hope his children aren't that particular! This is his 9th trip to India, and hopefully his last for a good long time. I think we have had our fill of India, but next time we come it will be with a tourist mindset and itinerary and I'm sure we'll have much more fun showing the twins their country of origin.
Meanwhile Mom and I are biding our time waiting. I'm watching old TV episodes Vinnie downloaded to my computer and it makes the hours pass faster. I enjoy my time with Vivek but he does sleep an awful lot and Dadima doesn't share well. Geeta is a joy to be around and such a huge help, and I trust her completely with the babies. I got some cute shots of her talking to Vivek when she didn't know I was watching and sneaking photos.

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