Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 68: Certifiable

Great news today!

Vinnie picked them up at the embassy today along with the CRBA certificates that state our children are United States citizens.

We also made a long trip across town this evening to an ROP surgeon and all is clear so far. Vivek is out of the woods and Tara will need one more checkup in two weeks, but by then we'll be back in the US.

Vinnie leaves in the early AM hours Monday, and Monday morning at 9:30 I'll be at the FFRO applying for the babies VISAS! It normally takes 1-3 days, so barring any problems we could be out of here by the end of this coming week!!!


  1. Yay!! Will you be traveling with both babies by yourself? Be warned that I have heard of some airlines requiring 1 adult per baby...