Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 34: Fit to be tied


So as you can see, she has once again caught up and they are both 3lbs 11 oz. I'm betting by Friday they finally reach the 4 lb landmark, which will be about double Tara's size from when she was born!

News from the USA is that my husband is fine and will be discharged today around 10am. Thank goodness! He apparently felt well enough to post on my Facebook page that he is alright and appreciates everyone's concern. I miss him so much anyway, but now I'm missing him so much my heart's about to explode.

I solved a few problems to either buy time until Vinnie gets here or avoid him coming. The first is we made some corrections to the contract so that Vinnie will not need to come to Anand to re-sign it. The second is that Dr. Hitesh said it isn't essential that Vinnie come at all to the Delhi embassy from what he knows, but I'm waiting on an embassy email to confirm that. The last problem was getting more formula, because Vinnie was going to bring 6 extra cans of Similac Neosure. I asked if Hitesh's friend Uday still had the cans of formula my friend Michelle left, but he had already given them away to another family like mine. However I asked Dr. Kothiala and she said that by the time I'll be running out of preemie formula that they will need to switch to regular fomula anyway. She assured me the Indian fomula Farex is good, so for maybe two weeks we'll have to use it if Vinnie can't come, which is no big deal. If he does come I'll have him bring Earth's Best formula, which is my formula of choice anyway.

Mom and I met with Dr. Kothiala today and discussed discharge. She didn't want to say much until she saw the results of their blood test and saw how their hemoglobin levels were. I did not get to hear the results today, but will ask tomorrow. She did say the both of us have to be comfortable with bottle feeding, so while I am (with a monitor attached for right now), Mom still has a ways to go in getting confident and having Vivek finish a bottle. She suggested I feed Tara exclusively since she is more difficult. I've gotten pretty good so that is no problem. She assured us that in two weeks we will see a big difference in their sucking/swalllowing/breathing coordination...which was good to hear. She said 1-2 weeks until discharge, we'll have to wait and see. I'm having a harder time leaving them and missing them more. It seems like all I can think about is how much I want to bring them home as time goes on. She did not suggest traveling before 2 weeks.

I finally told Master Vik about the terrible news of his Daddy's hospitalization.
Vivek was initially distressed, but I patted his belly and calmed him down. He said he looks forward to meeting his Daddy and promises not to pee or urp on him for at least one day.

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