Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 37: 5 days and counting

Today was uneventful, but after yesterday that is absolutely fine with me. Vivek has some swollen eyes, but he is already opening them sooner than I expected. Dr. Amin checked on him and said all is well. They've been moved to the far end of the NICU and Petra's baby and 2nd baby just born by her 2nd surrogate have been moved to the other room. I'm SO grateful because it was getting crowded with Mommies and Grandmothers because we often visited at the same time. Now I have so much more room to cuddle my chipmunks.

Vivek was a little cranky today overall, but who can blame the little guy. I was pretty cranky too had an upset stomach all day so only got in one visit, but Dadima took good care of them for me and made sure Vivek got some of the breast milk I had pumped. Mom was a trooper putting up with all the crankiness and then like a saint she waited in the lobby while I napped so as not to disturb me. I felt so bad she went to those lengths. We had lunch at Decent Restaurant and at night finally felt up to doing more laundry. She talked to the manager about the construction upstairs and insisted the banging stop by 8pm, and he agreed. Way to go! I'm learning that Mom is quite insistent on good hotel service and food being prepared to her specifications, and she will see to it.

Poor Vivek looks like he just left a boxing ring

Dadima reassuring Tara her brother is fine
 It is getting so incredibly hard to leave them at the NICU with each passing day, to the point I am almost angry and feeling pent up every time I walk out the doors. I'm sure this is normal, but I would give anything for a punching bag or a treadmill and running shoes to work out my frustrations. Only 5 days left!

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