Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 30: Company's Coming

So excited! An eventful day, and the room is all cleaned up for my mother-in-law to arrive early tomorrow morning. 

Mr. Vivek is gaining weight at a very fast rate and is 1570 grams, or just shy of 3 1/2 lbs. I guess I should stop worrying so much that he is such a wiggleworrm, because he is not suffering for his aerobic activities. Tara is 1510, so she finally crossed the 1500 milestone. I've noticed that Vivek is more active than ever, and Tara more alert. They both cry more and louder. Vivek has a cry that is like nails on a chalkboard at times, and despite the urgency of it is usually a small discomfort. Given how tiny their cries used to be, I typically look around to see which baby is crying before I finally realize it is mine.

Tara gearing up to cry for her bottle

Vivek waiting for the other ball to drop

The big news is that one of Vivek's testicles descended!!!  One down, one to go. Petra and I were joking today about how in the NICU we celebrate the oddest things that others take for granted. It was on the same side his hernia was on, so hopefully it closed most the hole and he will no longer have any hernias to worry about. We'll have to see how long it takes, but sometimes it can take a few months for a testicle to descend. At that point we'll be more certain about hernias and any related problems.

Tara threw up a bit on my chest today. And in other news the inevitable happened and Vivek began peeing mid-diaper change. I had been warned about this yet I got complacent and was not ready to block the flow. He peed all over his leg and the sheets, and I had to ask the nurse to change them. She shook her head at me. Rookie move.

My surrogate randomly showed up today to look in on the babies. Again it surprised me, because given her lackadaisical attitude towards pumping it didn't seem that she felt as connected to them. She doesn't seem to be money seeking, so I'll try to relax a bit. When my mother in law is here to translate a conversation might be more possible. I very briefly said hello, and explained that that it would be over a week before the babies were released and I would call her as promised so that she could see them and say goodbye. I wonder if this was the sole reason she ventured here from Ahmedabad.

The best  news for the day is that Petra's son Issac was not only taken off CPAP, but off oxygen altogether now that his lungs cleared up. He is doing great and she is over the moon and able to hold him. I'm so happy for her, and it reminds me of the pure joy when I held my babies for the first time. We had an interesting conversation with Dr. Kothiala about surrogacy, adoption, and related issues with law and financial concerns. Overall it was a good day for everyone, and tomorrow will be even better. I plan to blow up the internet with pics of Dadima and her grandbabies!

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