Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 35: A day of firsts

Today was fabulous!  I got my lazy self up early enough for bath time, and Mom got to see the sponge bath fun for the first time. She was thrilled with how alert Tara was while she held her afterwards. You can see in the below picture just how chubby she is getting now!

I got her entire bath on video. I did not get his on video because I WAS GIVING IT!!! The nurse asked me if I wanted to do the sponge bath and I jumped at the chance. I thought I did a good job, but the nurse micromanaged a bit about what to wash first. I just loved having my hands all over him for the first time and getting to see my little monkey in all his glory. So adorable!

I also got the cutest video yet!!! Tara sucking her thumb. She has come close, but until now this is the first anyone has seen her actually make contact and suck on it as far as I know. SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

After I took a nap to ease my crankiness for getting up so early, I did some laundry. Mom remembers doing her laundry by hand as a young girl in  India and DOES NOT miss it. She hung it up and showed me how she used to hold one end of the saree and flap it around to dry it and keep it from shrinking. After laundry Mom and I went shopping for some tops. She and I brought precious few clothes aside from my pile of sarees. We had a fun time shopping and she is one tough haggler, and now we have a few more clothing options for daily wear. I went to the ATM while Mom looked into getting some jewelry repaired, and then we made another trip to the NICU.  Mom did her best bottlefeed yet with a little coaching from me, and got Vivek to finish a bottle. I had a challenging feed for Tara since I was able to figure out her nose was a little clogged, but they used some nose drops and she was much better after that.

Close up of Mom burping Vivek

Mom talking to Vivek

On a whim I asked if I could hold both babies at once, which I've been dreaming of for a while figuratively and literally. Sure enough they let me, and though it was only for a few moments before weigh in time it was marvelous and brought tears to my eyes. Mom got a few shaky pics, so I'll have to get her using my other camera more in the future. Tomorrow I'll see if they let me put them side by side in the isolette for pics!


The night ended well with a long video chat with my husband and mother, then one with my father-in-law. Vinnie is feeling very good without painkillers, and plans on going to work tomorrow. He is not resting as much as he should so I told my mother to crack the whip. He told me his recovery is about a week or two and he shouldn't lift anything over 10lbs. I busted him lifting up our dog for the camera so I could see him! I think we will plan on him coming straight to Delhi around the same time we arrive there to buy him more recovery time. Mom and I can handle getting the babies to Delhi now that Manu and family has solved our luggage dilemma. He will bring the Earth's Best formula for us as well as the proof of residency documents and we should be good to go!
Hopeflully tonight I won't have more nightmares. Last night I dreamed I again misplaced my babies. I was at work taking a class, and let someone hold a baby. They passed it around until no one know who had it last. I was also stressed because I was trying to hold both at once and found it impossible, and had no stroller. I realized how I couldn't get anywhere without one and needed to leave them unattended to get one.  It was a problem I just couldn't seem to solve in the dream.  Yes....I have wierd dreams.

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