Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby cologne

The other day I came home from visiting Tara at the hospital to find my mother holding Vivek who was freshly washed and combed and looking ever so suave. She said she looked for but couldn't find any baby cologne. I have been thinking about that and laughing at the thought ever since. I present to you the new baby cologne spokesmodel:
I have been better about taking pics this week, despite the fact that it has been hectic. Vinnie has come down with a wicked case of strep throat and has been exiled form the house. Once again it is my Mom and his parents to the rescue, including overnight stays while I go to work and making time for me to visit Tara.
I've taken a few pics of Vik being fussy this week, since that has been his M.O. But let me tell you, that Dr. Karp Happiest Baby on the Block stuff WORKS! It is making me worry a bit because if he demands this much attention when Tara comes home it will be problematic to say the least. Twins are hard, but I've never been so happy meeting any challenge.


I finally ordered a bunch of Similac Neosure on Amazon and my free cases of the ready to feed  arrived from turning in my Mother of Multiples form with the copies of the birth certificates. Stocked up! I have so many Similac coupons, but you have to buy one at a time for maximum savings and that is a lot of trips even if I found a Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us right next to each other near the Galleria.

Check out mah hand!

As for the Princess, her new nickname at the NICU is "Diva." It's because her cry is so heart-wrenching, even if it just because her pacifier momentarily fell out. She has all the nurses trained to be at her beck and call for binky duty.  Not a lot of changes this week, we are just trying to get her as healthy as possible for her swallow study. You can tell how much she misses eating, so looking forward to when she is back on the bottle next week. She is doing well but her lungs still aren't as clear as they could be. However the swallow study has been rescheduled for Monday. We have some hope she might be discharged by Thanksgiving, but only time will tell. She is getting her breathing treatements every 3 hours, but they may change it to every 4 soon. She loves the CPT where they pat her firmly on the back, but she hate hate hates the breathing treatment itself. It is funny that after almost a month of not changing her diaper, how ridiculously happy I was to change her nasty poopy diaper.


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