Saturday, November 3, 2012

Keep calm and carry on

So things have been moving along. I'm trying to enjoy being a Mom but it is hard to enjoy it fully when my beautiful daughter is missing from the daily picture. But I'm forcing myself to take pictures again and try to celebrate the little moments. It is funny to see how much he loves the glider and the swing. He seems confused yet somewhat pleased by the motions they make.

Today I got a lot done and sorted through some clothes donations for the princess so that she may wear pink and not just the very few gender neutral items I had or be stuck in boy clothes (Thank you Cristina!). I actually risked taking a bath today and by some miracle he slept through it. I also finished unpacking from India FINALLY, and figured out how to use our stroller. That means that Vivek and Ralph and I all went for our first walk together up to the duck pond next to our house for a 15 minute jaunt. It was nice having him out in the sun and fresh air for the first time, and though he slept through it I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself.

Ralph didn't pull on the leash for the first time I've ever seen, and I hope it is because he seems to be getting the picture that the stroller is in the lead and the baby boy is the new Alpha in this family. He is giving the baby a wide berth and waiting for permission to approach. He at times seems to be guarding the baby, and gets very concerned and seems distressed when he cries. The only issue we have so far is him pulling off the blankets and burp cloths to the ground on occasion, but I'm pretty sure it is because he smells the formula/vomit and that equals food to him. Our dog is a little piglet and will eat anything that remotely smells like food. After many failed attempts at discovering a bounty of dog treats hidden inside a burp cloth, this seems to be abating. They seemed to be getting along during Vivek's first time on the playmat.


I spend at least two hours a day with Tara, but it feels like just a drop in the bucket and it kills me everytime I leave her. If I didn't have to care for Vivek I would spend all day there everyday. Especially now, because I can work miracles to calm her when the nurses can't so holding her is of great benefit to her health. She still gets agitated easily, and then she cries. When she cries she coughs. When she coughs she can't stop coughing. Then she starts gagging out her feeding tube and bronchospasming and can't breathe.

They put her back on steroids to help decrease the imflammation in her lungs. She is making progress daily despite the insult to her lungs still being obvious in her breathing and behavior. They weaned her from 6ml oxygen on the nasal cannula down to 3mL in 3 days, which are huge strides forward. She has to be a .3ml to begin bottle feeding again. Given that we were told she would still be on a ventilator at this point this is stupendous progress!

I am so incredibly grateful for the meals that are being brought by my friends at church, the Metrocrest Mothers of Multiples club, and work friends. It is the thing that is making this marathon possible and giving me enough time to sleep and take care of Vivek and see Tara. Time and money are running out so I decided the best thing was to go back to work Sunday, and will take another week off when Tara is finally discharged. It is a little daunting but we have a plan that will get us both enough sleep and family is helping out four days a week so that I can see Tara 3 hours a day. Again, having the meals ready to go is saving a tremedous amount of time and preserving my sanity and I am so deeply appreciative. Thank you!

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