Sunday, June 3, 2012

Babies Packing List

So I've been to the Big Bazaar and the Seven Eleven (not part of the US chain) in Anand has a 2nd floor full of baby stuff. However, there is just not much selection in India of baby stuff, and you don't know the quality of what you are getting. Formula is hard to come by. The NICU uses Lactodex, which I've never heard of. So here is my baby packing list so far, including my Lact-Aid SNS (Supplemental Nursing System) and accoutrements. I've some how got to cram all this stuff into two suitcases along with my stuff. I will pack light and have one American outfit and the rest will be sarees. If you aren't having twins, all the other folks say don't bother with a stroller or baby carrier if you are flying back on an airline that provides baby seats/bassinets. It is mostly useful for the airports and such but the streets are not suited for strollers really and a baby carrier is your best bet. I say don't buy a baby carrier and just buy 7 yards of cotton jersey knit that is 30" wide and watch You Tube videos on how to use it as a baby carrier in every possible way. It is basically a Moby wrap, so search that term for wrapping instructions.

This list is still growing, but I've found some cool products that are bound to wind up in the suitcase like the Snuza baby monitors that clip to the diaper and warn you if the baby stops breathing, the Itzbeen timers to help track feeding/changing/etc, and a portable battery powered mini hand mixer for mixing formula inside a bottle.

Portable stove (buy pot in Anand)
slow flow nipples for newborn
bottle brush
baby's powdered milk for newborns for 6 wks
thermos (hot water to warm the milk)
portable stove (to boil water, to sterilize bottles)
Nipple shields-silicone and other w/scissors to trim
Lact Aid system
Boots disposable sterilizer bags for LactAid parts
Bottle sterilizer
First aid tape
Quick clean wipes for SNS
Band aids for tubing
burp cloths
Domperidone & nursing supplements & oatmeal
Breast pump & storage bags
Bottles & nipple selection

disposable newborn diapers for travelling
cloth diapers
diaper bag
changing pad
baby wipes or bulk cotton – Anand
Travel baby lotion/shampoo/oil kits
Diaper toss bags

receiving blankets
washcloth -- Anand Big Bazaar
soft towel
Dreft detergent-powder
Puj baby bathtub that folds out flat
USB drive to port documents
Mult copies of all listed docs on VISA Process

one piece pajama

baby carrier-Moby
Snap & Go stroller
2 Baby carriers

Portable crib & mattress pad
Documents needed:
• Proof of the parents' identity and citizenship, such as U.S. or other passports.
• Child's original birth certificate issued by the local authorities (including English translation, if applicable). The birth certificate must include the name of the child.
• Two (2) photo studio quality photographs of the child, 2" x 2" in size and taken against a light background. The child must be facing forward with his/her ears showing and eyes open
• Prenatal and hospital records (e.g., ultrasounds, prescriptions, evidence of pre-natal doctor visits, hospital discharge documents, vaccination card, etc.)  Can be provided by Dr. Patel/Dr. Hitesh, but print of all documentation you got over email and in case some of the document is not provided during baby pick-up
• The parents' marriage certificate, or other proof of their relationship prior to the child’s conception. (This is not required if the mother of the child is a U.S. citizen.).
·         Proof of residency docs

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