Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Reality Check

I've been working so hard with as much overtime as I can get. At this point with so few updates and as time has drawn on... it is somehow feeling less real instead of more so. I keep thinking this is all some elaborate delusion that I've made up and I'm really locked in a rubber room at a mental hospital dreaming up the wish that I'm actually going to be a mother of two in three and a half months. The doctors and nurses give me pills but instead I rock back and forth in a trance pretending that all my dreams have finally come true.  The initial plans taking shape for a baby shower though may help it to become more real when I have a room full of folks celebrating, because surely that many folks can't participate in my delusion.

My first reality check was coming home after an exhausting double shift the day before Father's Day and finding that I really should have been more specific when I asked my husband to pick up some "dishwashing liquid."  Sigh. But kudos to the man for staying up late cleaning it up, going out at midnight to buy the right kind of soap, then waiting up another hour and a half to run another dishwashing cycle!

For Father's Day Vinnie and I celebrated by taking him out to lunch, then went to visit Babies R'Us. I don't know if it was a reality check or just sticker shock. Vinnie and I test out the super comfy gliders with matching ottomans, but the most utilitarian looking dark brown one that matches the nursery is $400.  Instead I am practical and purchase a changing pad cover for $11. Since 4th of July is coming up they have the cutest little red, white, and blue swimsuits and I was a little frustrated about not knowing gender. So many cute clothes and I don't want to waste money if we don't get a girl. Sigh. But Vinnie does look awfully good in pink. I did get two patriotic onesies at WalMart the other day. So would it be a good idea to show up to my US embassy appointment with my babies in "I Love the USA" outfits?

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