Friday, June 29, 2012

The Last Supper

So last night for my 35th Birthday Dinner my mother spent some gift cards on us for a lovely meal at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
It was certainly yummy, but I kept joking that it felt more like a last supper than a birthday supper. As in "enjoy a nice meal out while you can because when the twins are here in 3 months you can kiss these kinds of luxuries goodbye!"

I don't mind of course. I'm still in a wierd phase where it doesn't feel like this is really happening though. Aside from finishing up some house preparation for the twins, the baby shower date is set and we are 1 month away from achieving the "ready by the end of the 2nd trimester" goal. My shower is August 4th, and that is right after the date that should our twins be born they have around a 95% chance of survival with virtually no chance of developmental disabilities. That is the "breathe a whole lot easier" date for me. It's also the date I should have a back packed and ready to go in the spare room! At this stage of pregnancy the "What to Expect..." book says most Mom's to be get impatient with the pregnancy and anxious for it to be over and the baby to be here, so maybe I'm mimicking those stages too.

My in-laws did throw a wonderful party the other night, and I wore a traffic cone yellow silk saree I'd never worn before. But I picked the bright color to match my mood. It was the first time I'd been around that side of the family since the big announcement. I was right there next to his visibly pregnant cousin, but it was wonderful to get just as many hearty "Congratulations!" as she did. With the whole twin thing it felt like I was stealing too much of the attention. Sure, there was lots of unsolicited advice but I mostly take it in stride. There was some very strong opinions on Indian names, and I learned I was pronouncing one of the ones I picked slightly incorrect. But it was so wonderful to have that side of the family celebrating our good news with us...something I have waited so many years for. It scares me a bit to acknowledge it so publicly but we are only a month away from breathing easier.

I'm sleeping far too much these days. On one hand I'm working a lot of overtime and following the "sleep while you still can" advice people say all the time to me. But admittedly I'm also sleeping too much because I'm hoping to dream about the babies. Generally it is a bad thing to prefer dreams to reality, but they are SO CUTE in my dreams. Lately it is a boy and a girl, though for some reason in this last one I was still worried about telling them apart for some reason. I'm always tremendously incompetent as a mother in the dreams, but I still wake up happy because they are so adorable and I got to see them, so to speak. This last one they were so patient while it took me two hours to figure out how to make a bottle, and they didn't even cry! Yeah right!  I also changed a diaper wrong and his little thingie fell off as a result, and after trying to stick it back on I gave up and hid it in a Desitin jar instead of going to the hospital. So despite my tremendous incompetence in my dreams, after my overtime today I plan on eating the leftovers from my Last Supper and take a nap before I go back to work and hope to see them in my dreams!

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