Saturday, June 2, 2012


Twins. I remember playing with two matching Skipper Barbie dolls as a kid at my grandparent's vacation home in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I pretended they were twins, and gave them horrible rhyming names and put them in cute little matching outfits. I do actually remember thinking at the time I could never be so lucky to have twins.

I still felt that way decades later. So I cannot describe my suprise when we find out we are indeed the lucky ones. Twins. Twiiiins. TWINS!!! It is a dream come true, even though I know it is riskier and that scares me a little.

How was I going to tell Vinnie? I can't wait until he gets home that night to tell him, but I have to so I can see the look on his face. My only regret is that I didn't videotape it. I call my mother and tell her "I have bad news." She paused with tension. She had a crib that matched ours, and offered to give it to us if it was twins. "You'll have to get another crib." I told her. She screamed in a voice so high pitched I'm sure the dolphins along the Gulf Coast heard. We hatched a great plan for me to bring her crib over and assemble it to surprise Vinnie with the news.  I assemble it and go to work, and even though I know Vinnie gets home before me he never goes into the nursery room, which the door has been mostly closed for the seven years we have owned this house.

I come home and after setting my purse down I tell Vinnie that I have something to show him that I was working on earlier. He says okay and I lead him into the nursery.   He sees the two cribs.

"There's two of them." he comments casually.

"Yes. There's two of them." I reply, waiting for him to get it.  He doesn't. The wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead.

"Where did you get the other one?" he asks, still oblivious. He told me later he thought we might be trading the nicer one for the older one maybe.

"My Mom gave it to us." I answer simply.

"Oh. That was nice of her." he comments. The possibility had still not even dawned on him. I decide to help slide his cheese onto the cracker for him.

"We're going to need both of them." At this point he has turned to look at me.

My husband is a very taciturn man. His face is often expressionless. I've never his face as full of expression as when the light bulb finally goes off.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!" he exclaims. He says some other stuff that doesn't make up full sentences after that. Then after a minute he says "I need to sit down." and he plops down in the middle of the floor.

It was awesome. Life continues and we get scans occasionally. Some of the more decipherable photos are below.

7 week scan. Little blobbies.

12 weeks.Definitely two faces.

14 weeks. Easy to make out what these are. Some folks tell me one is a girl, but who the heck knows!?


16 weeks. Two healthy babies. Not sure what's what in this one but I'm pretty sure it shows both of our little peanuts.

So below is the schedule of which we can expect updates and scans and general progress reports. So far we got 5 scans and we are going into week 21. It has been over 4 weeks without a report. I try to tell myself no news is good news but I'm going a little crazy nonetheless. I go from being incredibly happy to distressing myself with imaginings....which is hard to help after all these years. But so far all reports show our babies both as healthy as can be!
·         Every 20 days routine check up
·         1st Sonogram at 7 wks pregnancy
·         At 10 weeks routine check up
·         If triplest or quadruplet pregnancy we do fetal reduction at 10 – 11 weeks to twins
·         At 11- 12 weeks we do her scan by fetal medicine specialist and double marker test for down syndrome
·         If twin pregnancy we do cervical circlage after 14 – 16 weeks scan (Sew cervix shut to prevent pressure from rupturing it too soon)
·         At 16 weeks we do her triple marker test: Blood test – HB, TC, DC, Platelet count, Random blood sugar, HIV, HbSAg, HCV, VDRL, SGPT, S.Bilirubin, S.Creatinine, Urine routine micro
·         At 20 – 22 week we do her fetal echo by fetal medicine specialist
·         At 28 – 30 weeks we do her scan and blood test – HB, TC, DC, Platelet count, GTT or PP2BS, HIV, HbSAg, HCV, VDRL, SGPT, S.Bilirubin, S.Creatinine, Urine routine micro
·         Admitted to clinic at 30 weeks if she is carrying twins
·         In twin pregnancy we do extra scan at 32 weeks pregnancy (color Doppler)
·         At 34 – 36 weeks we do her color Doppler scan and blood test - HB, TC, DC, Platelet count, Random blood sugar, HIV, HbSAg, HCV, VDRL, SGPT, S.Bilirubin, S.Creatinine, Urine routine micro
·         The surrogate gets admitted in the clinic at 35 weeks if she is carrying single baby

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