Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finding a pediatrician

So I learn that it is normal to actually interview your pediatrician before settling on one. I'ver never done this before, but I guess I should get cracking and research a good doctor.  I come up with a series of questions, and as my first choice I pick a doctor who trained in India and speaks Hindi. I think this is our best bet for someone who can help coordinate and talk to our local physicians in Anand if necessary, and she can probably best understand our unique situation. She comes highly recommended and is at a nice practice nearby with multiple pediatricians and a 24 hr nurse line. Here are my questions so far....

1.       How do you stay abreast of latest advancements? Do you meet regularly with other doctors in your practices to consult/bounce ideas off of each other?

2.       Hospital privileges

3.       Are you experienced with multiples? Any specific advice pertaining to that for first few weeks?

4.       Formula decision:
a.        Problems could occur if formula rejected and unavailable in India. Any solutions/ideas to prevent this?
b.       Lactodex LBW used in NICU in India. Quality of this formula known to you?
c.        Earth’s best organic vs Neosure formula

5.       Induced lactation:
a.        How do we avoid nipple confusion while in NICU?
b.       Supplements and hormone recommendations to induce my lactation?
c.        What not to eat/drink for breastfeeding, particularly in India?
d.       Do I still breastfeed if I get sick?
e.       Monitoring intake between supplementer and breast: How can I tell what I am producing and how much they are getting? Tracking log suggestions?
f.         How will diapers tell us if they are eating enough?

6.       SIDS prevention advice:
a.        Crib bumpers/sleep positioners eliminated. What else?
b.       Sleeping in car seats while in India & on plane-are they too soft and will upright positioning be dangerous?
c.        What is your opinion on safety of co-bedding twins in same crib/bassinet? (We are planning on using co-sleeper at home to assist w/night time breastfeeding first 3 mos)

7.       Plane travel
a.        Ear popping

8.       Dehydration
a.        How to recognize
b.       How to treat

9.       What medications to bring from home for babies:
a.        Saline nasal spray for pollutants?

10.    Can I call and talk to Dr. for advice during busn hrs while in India? Charges?
11.    Dr. Anita Kothalia contact info for your records. May ask you to call and consult if she speaks Hindi and it seems necessary. Is this possible?
ANAND, Gujarat, India
H-02692 251536
R-02692 241836
12.  We will bring in for a check up upon arrival to America. How often afterwards (Well Child visits)?

14.    Any tips on preventing positional skull compression

15.    How does your office handle early autism /developmental disabilities detection?

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