Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 13: Birth Certificates!

Today was a good day. I was charmed when I got up by this cow who was scratching his head and ear on the handlebars of a nearby motorcycle.

But the great first development was that I got the birth certificates! It was in the 30 day deadline thank goodness, and I emailed to the HR coordinator who confirmed they are now added to my insurance. Now we will just see if my insurance steps up to the plate and covers NICU charges as "emergent out of country care." I'm not holding my breath. But seeing the certificates with my name as the mother, our children's names, their father's hit me just a little deeper that they really are mine. It's official. No one can take them away from me.

The best part of today was on a whim I asked to hold Tara, but in a regular cradle hold instead of kangaroo care. They were okay with it though they seemed more concerned about retaining heat and didn't seem to want me to do it for too long. I knew I missed holding her, but didn't know how much. I started crying as soon as I held her. She is getting just a teency bit of chub on her little cheeks and looking even more adorable.

Vivek conked out

Tara our sleepy little princess
They both started on formula feeds 25% today, and they tolerated it well. They will work up to full formula by the end of this week. Very promising! Tara gained 10 grams and is at 1095 too!

I also went out to lunch with my friends from NY, and also made a side trip to Big Bazaar and got some more staples. I scored some stuff for cheese sandwiches including bread and cheese slices and mustard and egg free mayo, and got more peanut butter.

Mr. NY is a huge Italian guy to say the least, and he is also very chivalrous and insisted on riding up front on the teeny tiny side bench seat so the ladies could take the back even though he clearly has no business sitting up there and I repeatedly offered to sit up front. It was hilarious to see and he got a lot of funny looks. Nice not to be the one getting stared at and double takes all the time.
Not much else to report, so I'll leave some quick video clips I took of the babies just laying there being cute. Though I do have two vids of them being naughty...Tara kept kicking off her covers and Vivek was pulling his feeding tube out.

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