Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 21:Company's coming!

I'm getting so excited because travel reservations have been made for my mother in law to arrive in Anand on Sept 7th!!!! I can't wait...just have to hold on until then.

Today started by my spectacular timing. I had a slow morning and slept in and arrived late, but fortunately it was right when the eye doctor was there examining my babies. He came in just to examine the both of them to establish their risk for ROP, or retinopathy of prematurity. It is an eye disease that affects almost exclusively preterm babies, though they eventually realized the risk ran higher in developed nations where more oxygen support was provided to preemies and changed protocols. In simple terms, full term babies are born with all the blood vessels they need in their eyes, but with preemies once they are born that growth can sometimes proceed abnormally. If you don't examine babies to see if the growth of vessels is abnormal, then it can affect vision and unchecked can cause blindness. Like a weed growing on a well groomed lawn, it must be stopped before it can take over. So the way to fix it is a procedure with a green laser that will cut off the blood flow to any abnormal vessel.

It has five stages, and my son almost perfect and only at stage 1. My daughter's right eye is stage 2, but her left is stage 1. She was at more risk because of her lower birthweight. He is going to return in 15 days to doublecheck their eyes, and if the growth hasn't arrested on his own we'll look into the laser procedure to make sure their vision will not be affected. I saw him take out tiny silver prongs that I knew were for keeping the eyelids open while he examined them, so as soon as he pulled out that with dilation drops and a bright light I decided to wait in the other room of the NICU. That way I wouldn't make a blubbering fool out of myself when they struggled and cried while the two other nurses held them still.

Another sign of progress today: they were taken off caffeine! This is standard for all preemies to decrease apnea, and now that it is removed I'm bracing myself to witness them desatting or having more apnea alarms. There is a chance they may not react, but we'll just have to see. If it has a strong affect, then they can continue it into week 34. But taking that step is a sign of progress, so it's exciting.

I decided to keep myself focused on the light at the end of the tunnel by buying the two baby carriers and the two baby beds I will need for them at Seven Eleven. I placed them by the door to remind me everytime I come and go that they will be filled with babies soon. The beds have mosquito nets that you can use if you want to or put underneath, along with little head pads. The carriers are rather cheap and simple but too deep for preemies according to Dr. Kothiala, so use the little head pads from the cribs and possibly other padding to raise the depth of the carriers to help make sure the babies heads don't roll foward. They have detachable plastic backs that keep them from rocking back and forth when you set them down. The carriers are just over 1100 rupees, and the baby beds are more reasonable at 395 rupees.

I couldn't bring myself to eat my leftovers from Flavours Restaurant yesterday, so I feel guilty for being wasteful but it just wasn't what I hoped it would be when I ordered it. Tonight I tried "Decent Restaurant" and promised myself I would figure out how to order soemething I really liked. I actually found bartha, though for some reason they put corn in it too. It was pretty decent. (Sorry..it was obvious but I had to.) It has a nice view of the traffic from the picture windows on the second floor, and I saw a carriage being led by two white horses appear out of nowhere. Tomorrow I'll see if Dawat has baingan bartha (without corn) and see who makes the best in town.

Hitesh didn't seem to be in at Dr. Patel's, and so I didn't pursue getting printouts and signatures on my husband's FMLA paperwork today. However the hotel will print out the pages for me, so I may just have them do it for me and try to get them signed tomorrow. Scanning is another hurdle entirely to email back, but maybe Dr. Patel's office can help.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a more productive day and I don't sleep through bath time or have two short visits like I did today. I don't think either one of my babies got held for more than 45 minutes today, so tomorrow lots of cuddles are in store to make up for it. But they don't seem to be suffering for lack of cuddling, because today she is 1335 grams and he is 1345. That means they are both over 2lbs and 15 oz, so by tomorrow there is a chance they could both hit 3lbs!

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