Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 24: Lending a hand

Today wasn't about me, but about a new friend in the NICU. I had lunch with Petra from New York, whose son Isaac is on the CPAP and overcoming some initial difficulty possibly brought on by gestational diabetes. He is 34 weeks, but having some issues associated with more preterm babies possibly due to some belated development. I loaned her my The Premature Baby Book copy my brother loaned me by Dr. Sears, but more importantly gave her hours of advice and as much information as possible. I shared a lot of my brother and sister-in-law's hard won wisdoms and NICU tales with her, and I know it must have helped her a lot too like it did me. I hope it wasn't too overwhelming because it took me a month to learn everything I shared. Later that night I also helped walk her over to Dr. Patel's and pow-wow with her surrogate and sort out some confusion with the breast milk provisions, which fortunately got resolved.

We talked over a super yummy but pricey lunch at Madhaban Resort where they are staying. I knew it was nice over there, but had no idea. The place is like Shangri-La and is a true paradise..and I don't just say that because it stands in stark contrast to Anand. I shot a few pics of a pretty water feature in one of the bazillion gardens they have there, and a gigantic hand carved wooden statue.


I did two more bottle feeds today, one for each baby. Only some slight desats into the 70's that I could see coming on before they happened. I doubted my instincts on giving Vivek a break when I saw one coming on and he was slowing down on the bottle despite my encouragement and mimicing the turns and taps the nurses do to help finish a feed. But then Sandia told me it was okay and she was doing that very thing for Tara across from me. I need to work on my burping skills, and Vivek urped all down my arm right after I thought I was done with the burps.

Both babies hiccup a lot after eating, which I know comes with the territory for babies and will ease up with age. I love every little noise they make, but I find hiccups particularly cute.

The cardiologist came tonite that comes every 2 mos, but did not examine my babies. I asked Dr. Kothiala about it and said sonography can confirm but she sees no need to because clinically there is no indication that my babies have anything wrong with their hearts, or any holes in them. I decided to be satisfied with that.

Tara was hamming it up for the camera today instead of Vivek, and with a little patience I got my first shot of her smiling with her eyes open.


I think one of the things she is smiling about is explained in the below photos:

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