Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 2 in Anand

A fitful sleep and a massive migraine meant I only visited my babies twice today. However I did kangaroo care each time and it was almost an hour with each baby each time.

A couple of quick notes of things I've forgotten to mention. I have not resolved my account with Dr. Patel, but I was impressed that was only because they find discussion of money on my first days here distasteful. I agree...better things to focus on immediately and they are not trying to rush me.

Dr Hitesh did escort me in briefly to see Dr. Patel. She was busy as always so just a quick hello and thank you.

I have not yet met our surrogate but she is pumping for us at the hostpial nearby, so I should meet her soon.

Almost all the clothes and hats in the NICU are pink. I don't know if that color carries the same gender connotation here. So if you are wondering why my son is in pink, that's why. I have preemie clothes that he is still too small for, and they mostly don't use clothing aside from hats for better accessability and so that they can evaluate skin tone etc.

It is almost all twins right now. My babies next door neighbor's are Lakshmi's twin boy and girl, and across are another set whose parent's I haven't met. I the adjoining room are a set of boys and I've met the mother from South Africa. They brought in a singleton yesterday born full term but having a little more problems breathing than mine currently are at almost 29 weeks gestation.

I've read the premature baby book, and it says until a few weeks from now they will develop a sucking reflex and be able to coordinate sucking ,swallowing and breathing so that they can feed by an actual bottle and not from a gavage orogastric tube. babies must not have read the book because they have been making sucking motions since I got here and are feeding orally by a plastic syringe, and the nurse took two of my bottles yesterday to test out on them possibly today!

Quick post because I'm exhausted after my trip to Big Bazaar and ready for bed.

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