Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 8: Hope on the Horizon

I got a reminder on my calendar that beeped at me today to start pumping, because it was supposedly 6 weeks before my babies would be born. Ha!

Not all that eventful of a day, which is a good thing. It has been so muddy and gross, but today the sun came out and I was shocked at how quickly everything dried up. I wandered through the vegetable market briefly to confirm that eggplant was indeed in season so that I can seek out baingan bartha in Anand. I bought a pair of scissors and some mango candy to help me from looking greedy taking several a day from the hotel front desk candy bowl. I may not have too many more afternoon walks for a while because all this walking on uneven ground in sandals has given me blisters.


I met a very nice couple who are here on their 2nd attempt and had a lovely chat, and hope we can get together for lunch and dinner sometime.

Vivek and Tara both are doing well today. Tara desatted much less and when she did it seldom got below 80 and I only saw her need stimulation once to help her out of it. She is also over 1000kg finally at 1005.

Vivek is enjoying the kangaroo care as usual and falls fast asleep then cries when he is removed for feeding time. I can tell when feeding time is coming on because he gets a little restless and clasps his hands on my chest while he makes little noises.  Tara kept trying to kick her blankets off today, and she almost always to get part of her gavage tube pulled out.
They showed me a photo book of a baby that was born smaller than mine, along with a picture of what they look like at a year old. I suddenly realized that I recognized the couple from my stay here a year ago! I used to watch their baby girl every chance I got in the cafeteria.

I had a random conversation with Suvarna, explaining my desire to see an elephant walk down the street in India. My husband has seen them but I never have. She was confused by this and told me I could see elephants at the zoo.

The best part of today was seeing a set of twins discharged. First the South African couple, then my friend Lakshmi's twins, then another now there are 7 babies in the NICU. Almost half of what there was a week ago, so I guess my children will be stealing all the attention for a while. But seeing babies who were only 34 weeks discharged helped me see that it won't be all that long before I get to take one or both back with me, and imagine the light at the end of the tunnel. Like a mother in my Mother of Multiples club told me "The most important thing to remember about your time in the NICU is that eventually it will be over."

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