Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 17-19: One month old!

I haven't posted in a while because Day 18 I had a splitting migraine and couldn't leave the hotel. Day 17 was typical, but ended on a sad note for me because my friend Lakshmi and her husband left to go home with their twins. I'm happy for them, but it will be that much lonelier here...though I did get an awesome hour cuddling their son while he slept on me. They very generously gave me their steam sanitizer so that I have a second one for bottles and nipples, as well as a kettle for sterilizing water for formula, baby clothes they bought locally, clothesline, hand sanitizer, and a few containers! I am also waiting to find out if their surrogate Divya's husband agrees for me to purchase her milk for at least another week. It is better for the babies to continue some breastmilk, and will help me not run out of formula too soon. As it is I'm realizing I may have to have my husband buy some more and bring it in my mother's suitcase. Thank goodness I got a pile of coupons from someone in the Mothers of Multiples Club back at home.

It was an awful day stuck in the hotel in bed, and I hope it is the last day in a very, very long time I go without seeing my children. But today I scored some Paracetamol, which may or may not be like Tylenol but makes the pain to go away sufficiently enough. I had a nice morning holding the babies, though I had to wait in the hall for the first time since they brought in a new baby who was more critical and on a ventilator. Dr. Kothiala and another doctor and several nurses have been giving that baby lots of attention and care, and they set up a chair by the bedside.

Today I decided to take a trip in a tuk-tuk out to the Jungle Restaurant, which is like an Indian version of the Rainforest Cafe. I've been there once before, and it has CHICKEN!!! I ordered far too much so that I could bring leftovers back to the hotel. It tasted fantastic, and I guess since I've been here two and a half weeks and it's the babies 1 month birthday that I should celebrate by taking a day long escape from vegetarianism. I even had a pina colada mocktail (Gujarat is a dry state unless you get an expensive personal permit) Between the chicken and talking to both my in-laws and my husband yesterday I'm feeling much better.

Two random things I noticed today. The tiny numbers off to the right of the pulse ox monitor appears to be the blood pressure, which I'd wondered about since I'd never seen one taken manually. I also noticed that they laundered and replaced the curtains, so truly no surface goes uncleaned around there. I might also mention that I've confirmed Sandia speaks pretty good English, and is an excellent nurse. I also like Anju a lot, who is a plus size gal like me and is super assertive and careful nurse who speaks a few essential words of English.
Yesterday they were officially tied! Tara had caught up with Vivek and they are both 1250 grams, or 2lbs 13oz.  However Vivek was having none of it and shot up today right after his feeding to 1305 grams, or 2lbs 14 oz. C'mon 3lbs!!! She gained 10 grams today and is looking at the 14oz mark but not quite there. 

Tara showing off her hiney during evening weigh in

But as I've been told, expect two steps forward one step back. Vivek tends to have a tiny bit of urp now, which he never did before when he was on straight breastmilk. It isn't an all out vomit, but I notice it. He also desats more but pulls himself out. He never used to de-sat hardly at all. She was having an awesome few days, but after putting him back in the crib early from kangaroo care due to a de-sat, we repositioned her to cradle hold then shoulder hold because of several. None were really bad bradys, but still frustrating. I guess their little bodies can't do everything at once when they are growing so much.  But again, must keep perspective. My babies may be the smallest, but judging by other babies needs for IV's or oxygen support alone they are doing among the best. It's just hard not to want so badly to see everything only getting better all the time I guess.

Regardless of any apparent setbacks, my mind keeps drifting to the day they are discharged and my husband and mother are here. It is so hard to wait, but when I start to calculate how many days of diapers and formula I have left and how many days until they reach 1800-2000 grams for possible discharge until then I get overwhelmed trying to predict the future. When it happens it happens and I'm once again not in control here.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I enjoyed reading your posts a lot. Please keep up the good work and congratulations on the birth of your twins!

    I have a quick questions if you don't mind.

    May I know how you are sterilizing your baby's bottles?

    I plan to stay in RAMA hotel too but was wondering if the hotel gives you access to a microwave in their cafeteria.

    Thanks in advance. :)