Monday, August 13, 2012

More Surrogacy Studies

Thanks to the Chai Baby blog for the following studies for your perusal:

The article "Focusing on parental and child outcomes for two year olds" can be found here:,%20parent%20child%20relationships%20and%20childrens%20psych%20development%20at%20age%202.pdf

the abstract states:

"The surrogacy mothers showed more positive parent–child relationships, and the surrogacy fathers reported lower levels of parenting stress, than their natural conception counterparts. The surrogacy children did not differ from the natural conception children with respect to socio-emotional or cognitive development. Conclusions: Surrogacy does not appear to impact negatively on parenting or child development in families with 2-year-old children."

Further articles : "Families Created Through Surrogacy Arrangements: Parent–Child Relationships in the 1st Year of Life",  have shown ' greater psychological well-being and adaptation to parenthood by mothers and fathers of children born through surrogacy arrangements than by the natural-conception parents' &"Non-genetic and non-gestational parenthood: consequences for parent-child relationships and the psychological well-being of methers, fathers and children at age 3" - tell us that ' higher levels of warmth and interaction between mothers and their 3-year-old children in assisted reproduction families than in families with a naturally conceived .' All found here:

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