Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 9: When in Rome...

Not all that eventful of a day. I did not want to do laundry, so I tried a loose T shirt and skirt this morning that I hadn't worn yet. But Suvarna thought it wasn't loose enough for kangaroo care. I told her again how limited I was in clothes and how I only brought sarees, a fact that still seems to baffle the locals. Let me just say this:

1. Sarees are beautiful. No matter how plain one is, I feel like royalty when I put one on.
2. The stares I attract from locals feel much more positive and don't bother me as much either.
3. You do not have to be a rocket scientist nor have an Indian heritage to be able to wear one. I learned how to fold them properly from the internet and You Tube in 20 min, and perfected it over the years to make it only slightly neater.

Suvarna said we could try kangaroo care with a saree, despite the fact that there would be a choli blouse blocking some skin to skin contact. This made me very happy that I could now wear most of what I brought. When I came in for my second visit in the late afternoon the gaggle of nurses greeted me with a gasp and a few "wow's."  They were staring and touching me and inspecting my folding with a level of amazement that surprised me, and one nurse even took a picture of me with her phone. I'm not sure why..she may show other folks later and they can all have a chuckle at my expense...not sure.  Anyhoo, I'm much more comfortable and cooler. There is a reason this clothing is the chosen garb in this climate.

Nothing has changed with Vivek or Tara today from yesterday. She is 1015 grams and he is 1075 I think. Vivek still clearly loves kangaroo care and sleeps deeply, and I am always trying to think of new songs to sing to him. His pulse ox goes up 1-2 units when I'm singing I think.  I find I miss them more when I'm in the hotel room. The sad thing is I'd spend a lot more time in the NICU if it was in any way set up for visitors with a comfortable chair  that is not in the way of the flow of the small room, but frankly any visitor is to some degree in the way. I try to look at the bright side and see that because of the small size of the two rooms little is missed and babies are more closely monitored because they are closer.

I have no great pics from today because I missed post bath alert time due to getting into a fabulous conversation at breakfast with a great couple from New York here on their 2nd try at surrogacy. I so hope it works out for them...  I'm sure I'll catch bathtime tomorrow, and I spend so much time alone when I'm not in the NICU that I have to take every chance I can for social interaction. The sleeping pics I took of them today are below, and I must comment how the bear is bigger than his little head and it looks more menacing than cute at this stage.


I got online and joined the Inspire preemie online network. I have been on the infertility resolve network on Inspire, but now I have to switch teams. But my new friends from New York tell me that I haven't lost my empathy so I am still a card carrying member of the club as far as they are concerned.  I hope to get some good support there, but it is also a way to accidentally educate yourself about poor outcomes and things that can go wrong. My newest fear is developmental delays, though from what I can tell our babies are pretty low risk for that. But on the off chance that our children are a little behind developmentally, whe can have our pediatrician set us up with an needed therapies and they can catch up by 2 years old like most do. I'm going to be really restrictive about what I read there and try to stay in the present, because worrying about the future is useless. 

I overpaid and bought a medium pizza from Domino's for $9. Considering the fact that a medium is smaller than an American small pizza and most meals cost me $2-3, this was overpaying. I was willing because I wanted a taste of home, so I got a pepperoni pizza. It was on the menu but he had to call and check first to make sure they had it. There was precious little pepperoni or cheese or tomato sauce, but it was the first thing I've had here aside from toast that reminded me of home and didn't taste like Indian food. Don't get me wrong....I love Indian food. But mostly there seems to be South Indian food that is badly prepared, not the delectable and balanced and well focused dishes my mother in law makes or I've had at better restaurants or at my husband's family's home in Delhi. And it comes with ketchup. It always comes with ketchup here. There is precious little on the hotel menu that is not fried, and I have no business eating fried foods. I hate to complain about the food, but lest me just moan about how much I want a burger and a bottle of wine and I'll be done with it.

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